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How to Choose Your Jaguar EV charging stations

Choosing the right EV station becomes a major concern for Jaguar EV drivers. Luckily, we have information about this concern. Let’s go

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Ever wondered how you can easily access a suitable charger for your Jaguar EV?

Although Jaguar’s transition from fossil fuel cars to the electric vehicle was rather recent, it remains one of the trusted automobile manufacturers that supply chic cars for cool and stylish car lovers. In a bid to maintain this reputation, it has transferred this trait into their EV brands by supplying one of the best stylish EVs. Therefore, the necessity to provide more charging stations for EV customers and of course, choosing the right EV station becomes a major concern for Jaguar EV drivers. Luckily, we have information about this concern. Let’s go

I. Jaguar EV Charging Stations

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II. What Jaguar Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

Typically, as a first timer in the EV space, launching its first EV in 2019, Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, the I-PACE was introduced into the market with some catching up to do. Combining the style and performance that the Jaguar brand represents, it competed with other top all-electric vehicle brands such as Audi e-Tron, Tesla, etc. to snatch the World Car of the Year Award from these top manufacturers. So, if it’s a question of quality, Jaguar most definitely is one of the best. 

III. Jaguar EV Charging & Range

Jaguar EVOur first attention is to consider the charging and range covered per charge of the Jaguar EV for every charging time, either from zero to full charge or just top-up charge. There’s an appreciable range it can travel before the next charge is required. Furthermore, where charging occurs determines how long it will take for a full charge. This means charging at home will require more hours compared to when charging at a public center. Additionally, after charging is completed, Jaguar EVs can travel approximately 234 miles before a recharge would be needed, especially the Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicle. It’s no wonder it also won the Green Car of the Year award in its debut year. Quite impressive.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

The industry-certified connector type for your Jaguar EV is the North American standard SAE J1772 connector. For both type 2 AC charging connector and the DC fast charging connector. Meanwhile, the type 2 charger can either be a 7.4kw or 11kw AC charging power. And a 104kw DC charging power for fast charging.

V. Jaguar EV Charging Times

The connector types and charging rate gives Jaguar EV owners an idea of how long it might take them to charge their EVs. The type 2 AC connector charges at a 7.4kw rate and takes approximately 13 hours to fully charge a Jaguar EV. In like manner, the type 2 AC connector with a charge rate of 11kw completes the same charging in 8 hours. A time lesser than the former. 

But that’s not all. 

The rapid DC connector with a charge rate of up to 104kw can charge your Jaguar EV from 20 percent to 80 percent in approximately 40 minutes. But then, charging is regulated before completion to protect the battery. Additionally, the DC rapid charging connector employs the industry-certified SAE Combined Charging Connector (CCS) for fast DC charge.

VI. Jaguar EV Charging Cost

Jaguar EV charging cost is another major concern for EV drivers. Relatively, home charging tends to be cheaper than public or commercial charging. Although, home charging tariffs are likely to vary based on electricity rates. Luckily, some charging station networks allow free charging via their apps. The solution is simple. Jaguar EV users can form a budget-friendly driving habit. Where charging will not be too frequent and mostly charge where costs are cheaper. Occasionally, when in commercial charging hubs, you can opt for the rapid DC chargers for fast charging and longer range.

VII. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Jaguar?

Choosing the best and most appropriate EV chargers has been a challenge for most EV users. And sourcing for such important accessories must be accurately done. Before this can be achieved, you must understand and have an idea of what you’re looking for. 

Therefore, to choose the right EV chargers for your Jaguar EV, you should first source the connector that is consistent with your EV features. Ensuring compatibility is crucial to enjoying the best charging experience, and ultimately your Jaguar EV. And on top of that, it eliminates the possibility of electrocution or short-circuiting while charging your EV. Furthermore, the EV chargers must meet industry-approved specifications. These are the SAE J1772 type 2 AC chargers and the SAE CCS rapid DC chargers.

Identifying a dependable supplier that understands your needs is also very key. This is where EV users run into trouble. Due to the numerous suppliers of EV products globally, they sometimes do not know which supplier to trust and which supplier is reliable. A few suppliers are known for their quality products. But which supplier offers the best market price available? This is an advantage every customer looks out for when making a purchase. And this sometimes cements their trust in that manufacturer. Jaguar’s range of electric vehicles requires a supplier with expert knowledge. This means that they are familiar with the product and can assist in selecting the right EV charger for each Jaguar EV. So, you might want to do a thorough check on the selected supplier of your EV products.

VIII. Where to Buy the Jaguar Wall Charger?

Every car manufacturer is aligned with the future of the automobile. Renewable energy has become more popular in all sectors. The power and automobile sector especially. Although Jaguar has been one of the latest manufacturers in the EV space, its EV drivers are now sourcing for trusted suppliers for its wall chargers and other necessary accessories. In the same manner, suppliers of Jaguar EV wallbox chargers are too many to count. Hence, the need to shortlist these suppliers and separate the trusted ones from the rest of the pack. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that. We can categorically handpick EV-Top as one supplier we have confidence in. 

EV-Top has been in the market long enough to understand what the customer wants. And with these industry insights, EV-Top has been able to service customers globally. With the insights garnered over the years, EV-Top is the best innovative and technologically advanced EV product. EV-Top flourishes with the best customer-centric team. Commissioned to make new customers become returning customers. Its research and development team are exceptionally qualified professionals. They are determined to continuously advance EV products offered to their customers. On that account, next time you are shopping for your EV chargers, try EV-Top and let them take your EV experience to a whole new level.

IX. EV-Top Advantages for Jaguar Owners

Jaguar EV charingHere are some qualities that make EV-Top an outstanding supplier of Jaguar charging stations. 

  • Innovative – EV-Top’s product design and development are one for a top brand. Its innovative products are unrivaled in the EV space. That is why they are the leading supplier of EV chargers and accessories.
  • Certified – Quality control and assessment parastatals have endorsed EV-Top as a trusted brand. Therefore, all EV-Top products are CE and ISO9001 certified. Do you still doubt them?
  • Affordable – One important gain of doing business with EV-Top is the affordability of their products. The best news to the ears of any customer.
  • Reliable – Customer reviews for the quality supply of EV products by EV-Top are enough credibility to attest to the fact that they are reliable.
  • User-Centric – Have you ever purchased a product and still find it hard to use? Well, you can be assured of ease of use with all EV-Top’s products and services.


In a nutshell, Jaguar is an automobile brand that represents a combination of outstanding performance and tasteful design. The charging range of its EVs and charging costs are both phenomenal and pocket-friendly. It’s no wonder it was awarded the accolades it deserves in its debut year in the EV world. Its top EVs, the I-PACE, F-PACE, and E-PACE are one of the best EVs on the highway. To crown it all, EV-Top supplies the best EV products and accessories. They are trusted, affordable, innovative, reliable, and supply user-friendly products. Don’t forget to ring their lines for a trial today.