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Top EV Charger Supplier in China

Top EV Charger Supplier in China

EV-Top began in 2015 as a leading international provider of EV charging piles, with Shenzhen, China, also known as the Chinese Silicon Valley, as its location and with an area of over 10,000 square meters serving as its factory.
With a specialty in the manufacturing, development, and design of EV charging piles/stations, EV-TOP has added more than 50 design patents and have developed as well as manufactured over 30 products in 9 series to meet various EV charging standards, including IEC, SAE, GB/T, among others. These products often satisfy different power requirements for a variety of EV charging equipment.
As a fully-fledged international company, our products get patronage from China and are also shipped to dozens of countries and regions outside of China, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Russia, India, and Australia.

Professional EV Charging Stations Provider

The crop of experts that make up our R&D team has acquired almost 20 years of experience in AC and DC power supply technology working at Emerson and Eltek. Also, we have developed a series of AC charging piles, including 7KW, 11KW, and 22KW, and a series of DC charging pile dedicated modules of 40KW, 30KW, 20KW, and 15KW using an innovative design.
EV-Top has put together a group of skilled professionals to constitute our teams, including R&D, technical, sales, and after-sales service teams. We can deliver personalized EV charging equipment solutions for our global customers and can provide OEM and ODM services. Our team of passionate researchers and innovators help to meet our commitment to customer satisfaction and improve customer experience with every task.
Professional EV Charging Stations Provider

We Enhance a Win-Win Relationship

To realize our vision as a part of clean energy infrastructure promoters and to enhance a win-win relationship with our customers, we continuously collaborate with universities and research institutions to advance technological innovation and product optimization to make our products more straightforward and practical.

We Control the Production

We have a comprehensive quality control system, and all processes in our daily manufacturing and production conform with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. Likewise, our core components sourced from Schneider, Siemens, and other companies, ensure that every production procedure satisfies the highest standards to ensure product quality. To ensure that electrical components work properly, they should be stored in a warehouse with a cool and dry environment. Furthermore, all circuit boards are painted to protect them against moisture, dust, salt spray, and static electricity.
All hardware can be tracked and traced using serial numbers, delivery dates, test records, material requisition records, raw material test records, and raw material purchase records. Everything we do is to ensure quality and meet our customers’ needs.
We Control the Production

Our History

EV-Top began with designing and developing the first ever AC Charging Station

Pioneered China’s first charging module and became the first Chinese Company to manufacture quality power products using modular technology, also acquired the ISO 9001 quality management system certification

Was awarded the first runner-up prize after participating in the Shenzhen Nanshan District Startup Competition with investors recognizing EV-Top’s core competences including the team’s high-quality, enterprise planning, and business model earning EV-Top the double-soft and double-high enterprise certification

Developed an energy storage micro-grid product line which defined the value of energy storage in the energy industry.
Created Alpha 6012 which is a milestone product, which further strengthened the development of the modular technology

Moved into the PV industry after successfully developing “all-digital monocrystalline DC power supply”

Promoted clean, intelligent, and low-carbon development of energy by launching an electric vehicle product line

Relocated the company to its headquarters in Shenzhen Bay which housed the R & D department and the manufacturing services enabling the whole manufacturing chain to flourish in performance while breaking the billion Yuan mark.

Was awarded the “National Class I High-tech Enterprise title

Experience a phenomenal growth with its charging pile product line with shipments of this product steadily ranking first in the country

Awarded the “China Well-known” Trademark as an honorary title

Landed an order from Won Vanke’s worth over 200 million yuan of charging pile involving over 30,000 units of AC and DC charging piles, meant to deliver charging piles for the projects of the five major real estate companies in China that year.
After rigorous auditing processes and a thorough project evaluation AC charging DC piles passed the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, while also obtaining the CE certification.

Went into an interconnection strategic cooperation agreement with Cao Cao car, which ensures both parties will closely collaborate and enhance charging pile and vehicle operations

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