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How to Choose Your Renault EV charging stations

Driving a Renault EV is a lot more enjoyable when the appropriate EV charging solution is selected. When Renault is mentioned, you might think of Formula One.

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The comfort and ease that accompanies an electric vehicle cannot be overemphasized. But then, driving a Renault EV is a lot more enjoyable when the appropriate EV charging solution is selected. When Renault is mentioned, you might think of Formula One. And you’ll be very accurate as Renault is also known for manufacturing engines for motorsport. Therefore, you should know you can expect quality with the Renault brand. But in this piece, we’ll be going through Renault’s EVs and their specified charging solutions. As every EV user desires to know how to choose the best EV charging station for their automobiles. We are ready if you are.

I. Renault EV Charging Stations

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II. What Renault Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

Since its launch into the EV business way back in 2012, Renault has continuously upgraded its range of electric vehicles. But with the Renault EV charging options available, charging just got faster and easier. As it is with other EV charging systems, when charging your Renault EV with a DC fast charging outlet, charging time is significantly reduced. Although, you need to be cautious not to charge your EV battery with a DC fast charger every time to avoid the risk of a short battery life.

III. Renault EV Charging & Range

Renault EVRenault offers charging options anywhere and everywhere. From charging at home to charging at work or other public charging outlets closest to you. And for every charging time, the range they could travel before the next charge is ascertained. For instance, when charging is done at home with the 3-pin plug at full charge, you get a 10m/h range. Meanwhile, the range varies for other charging methods. With a 3.6kw charging outlet which is typically found at home or work, the range increases to about 16m/h. Furthermore, if charging is at a 7kw charging station, the Renault EV can travel at a 30m/h range. For outdoor charging stations that offer a 22kw charge output, the range peaks at about 93m/h with a full charge.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

Two connector types are available for Renault EV drivers. A type 2 charging connector, and a rapid charging connector. The type 2 connector offers a maximum AC output of 22kw. While the rapid charging connector charges at a maximum DC output of 46kw.

V. Renault EV Charging Times

Having considered EV connector types and charging rates for Renault EVs, it is only natural to factor in the charging times. A Renault wall plug supplies 2.3kw and takes approximately 26 hours to fully charge. Likewise, a 1-phase 16A also supplies 3.7kw. This charging method takes over 16 hours to fully charge. Furthermore, the 1-phase 32A transmits a 7.4kw that charges for 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete its charging. While the 3-phase 16A with an output charging of 11kw takes over 5 hours to get a hundred percent charge. The best type 2 charger connector for a Renault EV is the 3-phase 32A with an output charge of 22kw. This connector charges your Renault EV in 3 hours. And then there’s the Rapid CCS charger. It charges from zero to eighty percent in thirty minutes. 

VI. Renault EV Charging Cost 

An underlying concern of electric vehicle owners mostly stems from how much it costs to charge their EVs. Charging your Renault EV is dependent on where charging is done. Different costing methods apply to different charging stations and hubs. Charging costs also depend on the providers of the charging station. Relatively, the cost of charging at home varies from charging at your workplace or commercial hubs. Sometimes cheaper than other public charging stations, hardly more expensive. All things considered, charging your Renault EV doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

VII. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Renault?

Well, if charging your EV doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, choosing the appropriate EV charger for your Renault EV becomes the next hurdle. Impeccable selection is required to do this. And in making such an important accessory acquisition decision, certain conditions must be ticked. Compatibility is the first of these conditions. To select the best EV charger for your Renault EV, the connector that best suits your EV and your charging schedule are needed. 

When we imply a suitable charging connector, we mean industry certified connector. This will ensure EV users don’t encounter short-circuiting, or electrocution. Essentially, the industry-specified EV chargers are the AC type 2 and the Rapid DC connectors. It is likewise important to note that selecting a suitable charger extends the durability of your EV battery. 

Additionally, a trusted supplier will ensure the appropriate identification and selection of the best EV charger for your Renault electric vehicle. A dependable supplier will not only provide adequate knowledge on the best charger for you but will assist in acquiring the best quality charger at the best market price. 

Therefore, what a reliable supplier will do for you is aid you with the industry knowledge they have to guide you in choosing the appropriate EV charger, at a pocket-friendly price. Before we forget, in case you’re a Renault EV user who’s used to using a rapid charger connector for your charging solutions, you might want to take a slow pause on that option. Although it ensures you charge at a faster rate and less time, you should also protect your battery’s durability. The constant deployment of the rapid charger may be detrimental. Especially when the capacity cannot withstand the output supplied for charging. This might save you from the continuous replacement of your Renault EV batteries.

VIII. Where to Buy the Renault Wall Charger?

The future of automobiles is transitioning to electric vehicles. With a host of manufacturers joining in this vision to turn to clean energy for a better and safer environment, the change is systematically coming to fruition. The EV market is saturated with a lot of suppliers with different EV charging solutions and accessories. Hence the necessity to find a reliable supplier. Most EV users are on the search for such suppliers, and because there’s a large pool to select from, they often get confused or unsure of their selection. With that said, we have decided to make such decisions less burdening to them. 

EV-Top has been in the industry for a considerably large number of years. With the expertise and op-notch professionalism required to be your first option in the pool of suppliers. They manufacture and supply the best quality Renault EV charging solutions. They are also an ISO9001 and CE quality-certified supplier. Its vast knowledge of the EV industry is backed by sufficient qualified technical support staff. Therefore, if you’re looking for a trusted supplier for your Renault EV charging options, your expectations will be exceeded. They thrive also on customer satisfaction. Adequate funding for its research and development department has made it a top-quality supplier.

IX. EV-Top Advantages for Renault Owners


  • Innovative – EV-Top is sufficiently regarded as a top supplier with its range of highly technologically innovative Renault EV charging accessories. Its major product is EV chargers.
  • Certified – In light of its innovative products, standard organizations and regulators can attest to the quality expressed in EV charging products and have certified them as reliable suppliers of EV chargers.
  • Affordable – One of the qualities of a trusted supplier is to make products available at budget-friendly prices. Therefore, for affordability, look no further than EV-Top.
  • Reliable – When a supplier gets approving reviews, it only means that its customers have been served well. Both in quality products and professional services. Do you still doubt it? A trial will convince you.
  • User-Centric – A customer’s requirement for a product purchased is to be able to use such products without stress. That’s what you get when you choose EV-Top as your supplier.


As we round up, what will be your take-home points? Numerous EV drivers are constantly in search of answers to their questions. Especially after transitioning to clean energy automobiles. Renault EV users can safely identify the types of charging connectors and select which is best for their EV charging solutions. And clearly, they do not need to struggle trying to figure out how long it’ll take their EVs to complete charging, with its cost as well. Conclusively, for a dependable supplier of these charging options, who else serves a customer better than EV-Top?