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How to Choose Your Fiat EV charging stations

Fiat's first electric vehicle, the 500e brand, is an iconic yet sleek electric vehicle. Its smallness makes it a lot cuter and feisty.

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Fiat represents the fashionable yet innovative brand of the automobile industry. And since its establishment in 1899, with over a century of industry presence in the automobile business, Fiat has seen its customers remain loyal to its products. So now you can imagine what their electric vehicle will look like. Fiat’s first electric vehicle, the 500e brand, is an iconic yet sleek electric vehicle. Its smallness makes it a lot cuter and feisty. But stay here with us because we will examine how to choose an appropriate EV charger for Fiat. So, let’s go.

I. Fiat EV Charging Stations

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II. What Fiat Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

Interestingly, it is hard to believe that such a small-sized car has a top speed of 93 mph and can go from 0-62 mph in nine seconds. It also has an engine power of 87kw and a battery size of 42 kwh. Obviously, as an electric vehicle, the Fiat EV is an environmentally friendly car manufactured to reduce the carbon emission contributed by the automotive industry. So, if you’re a lover of classy and stylish automobiles, you’d probably opt for the Fiat 500e.

III. Fiat EV Charging & Range

Fiat_500eThe Fiat 500 over the years has provided ease and style for its drivers, but the new Fiat 500 is an all-electric metropolitan-styled car. This new fiat EV also continues to maintain its seamless and stylish ability. It is powered by a level 2 charging technology, with an autonomous driving style fashioned in the Italian way. Moreso, its estimated range is within an official 199-mile range. Furthermore, it can charge with a slow or fast level 2 charging connector. The slow level 2 charger produces 7.4kw power, but the fast level 2 charger emits 11kw power. With the rapid charge, charging power is increased with 84kw power transmission.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

The Fiat EV comes with both slow and fast level 2 chargers. Here’s the thing with such chargers: the slow level 2 charger transmits 7.4kw power, which makes the charging rate slower. Meanwhile, the fast level 2 charger supplies 11kw power. This likewise increases the charging rate. But with the level 3 CCS, this is a rapid charger, and charging takes no time.

V. Fiat EV Charging Times

The Fiat EV charging times vary according to the power connected, which is most likely either a level 2 slow connector, a level 2 fast charging connector, or even a CCS rapid charging connector. When a slow 3kw charger is connected, it takes the Fit 500 approximately 14 hours to charge completely. When a fast 7kw charger is connected, it also takes about 6 hours for a full charge. Additionally, when a 22kw charger is used, charging takes just 4 hours for a complete charge. For the rapid chargers with 50kw and 100kw, charging reaches eighty percent in 45 and 30 minutes, respectively. A noteworthy observation is that a Fiat 500 is made with a standard 11kw type AC charging connector as well as an 85kw rapid charging connector.

VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

For every brand of EV, there’s usually a level 3 DC fast charging connector. The same applies to the Fiat EV. They are also referred to as rapid chargers. For the level 3 DC charger to function appropriately on a Fiat EV model, the CCS must be fused to the charging unit, and charging can be completed in a short period.

VII. The difference in the Power of the Chargers

When considering the difference in the power of the chargers, the first crucial point is that the chargers for a Fiat EV are not the same as the charger for every other EV. In essence, the usual level 1, level 2, and level 3 fast chargers for a regular EV are not applicable for the Fiat EV. The Fiat EV only has a type 2 AC charger or a rapid DC charger, also known as CCS. Although, the Fiat charging combines both the AC and DC inlets. The upper inlet is a type of slow or fast AC charging unit.

In contrast, the lower inlet is for rapid charging from a CCS connector. Furthermore, type 2 slowly regulates its power between 3kw and 7.4kw. On the other hand, the type 2 fast charging serves an output of 11kw. Another interesting thing to note about the Fiat’s charging power is that when plugged into an output higher than the 11kw, it will only be able to charge at the same 11kw. This means it can regulate its charging. Isn’t that just a unique feature for an EV?

VIII. Fiat EV Charging Cost

The charging cost for most EVs is determined majorly by certain conditions. These conditions are climatic conditions, driving habits, and the level of charging stations required after every drive. But for a Fiat, let’s consider its charging cost. Note that cost estimates for a Fiat EV may also depend on the battery pack’s battery capacity and useful life. Therefore, charging a Fiat EV at home costs cheaper at public stations. Charging at public stations is double the cost of charging at home. Home charging accounts for 16 p/kwh per 3.7 miles, while public charging accounts for 30 p/kwh for an eighty percent charge per 7.1 miles.

IX. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Fiat?

Fiat_500e_chargingChoosing the right EV charger for the Fiat must be a careful selection. Therefore, before an EV charger is selected for a Fiat, you might want to consider a few factors. These factors may include making sure the charger is the specified industry standard. Additionally, the Fiat charging units are of two main types, which have been identified in this write-up. But for reference, the type 2 AC slow or fast charger and the type 3 DC fast charging that utilizes the CCS connector.

Moreover, your battery capacity is also essential to note. This is to avoid any occurrence of a blow-out or short-circuiting. The Fiat 500 typically has two major battery capacities. These are the Fiat 500 42kw and the Fiat 500 24kw. It ensures that appropriate charging units are connected to the right battery power. Such careful acts may essentially extend the battery’s useful life.

Most importantly, you might also want to go easy on selecting the rapid charge too often. This decision can likewise extend your battery’s lifespan. It also helps in avoiding quick wear on the battery and the risk of frequent battery replacements. Although, the Fiat EV model can attempt to stabilize the power intake to charge. But in the long run, it may lack the capacity to assume such function and lead to burnout. So, selecting an appropriate charger for your Fiat EV ensures you enjoy your automobile’s fashionable service. And this can only be attained by seeking a professional EV-certified supplier.

X. Where to Buy the Fiat Wall Charger?

Now that you know how to choose the right EV charger for your Fiat, where to buy one becomes the natural next step. There are many suppliers of the Fiat wall charger, both local and international. The task is identifying and choosing the trusted supplier.

It would be best if you choose a supplier that is very reliable and has a significant number of years of consistently delivering quality EV chargers to its customers, like EV-Top. Also, EV-Top has some of the most innovative designs powered by their investment in research and development and their highly qualified and experienced industry professionals. What’s more, they have some leading industry certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems, which shows their commitment to quality. Additionally, other certifications, like UL, SAE, and IEE, all add to their credibility and international regulatory compliance. But all these are just scratching the surface when it comes to the benefits that buying your Fiat EV charger from a company like EV-Top can give you.

XI. EV-Top Advantages for Fiat Owners

Choosing EV-Top provides you with some of the most coveted benefits of an EV charger, including

  • Innovative– The only language EV-Top speaks to their customers is quality and innovation. This is why its research and development departments design and manufacture top industry-certified products.
  • Certified – A crucial advantage EV-Top offers its customers is the manufacturing of products that are certified for quality and tested for assurance.
  • Affordable – Are you also looking for a competitive price and budget-friendly cost? It is a complete package for EV-Top and its loyal customers. But, of course, you’ll enjoy this once you become a customer.
  • Reliable – The quality offered by EV-Top is not only in its products but also in professionalism in service. This makes them a reliable supplier for all your Fiat charging options.
  • User-Centric – EV-Top serves its customers with seamless and user-friendly products that need no cumbersome application processes.


In a nutshell, Fiat’s EVs are a step toward you enjoying the best of the EV experience, especially if you’re just transitioning from a fossil-fueled car or if the Fiat EV is your first EV. The types of chargers suitable for an effortless, safe, and less expensive charging experience have been laid out for you here in this article. Also, the important factors to consider when choosing the right charger and a suitable supplier have been given here. However, you should apply the instructions given to get the best results. But more importantly, never forget to choose a supplier with innovative, user-friendly, pocket-friendly, reliable, and quality-certified products. Has this post served you well? We believe so.