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Level 2 Business charging

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Level 2 EV Charger/ Commercial EV Charging Stations

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Business Series Wallbox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there different levels for EV charging stations?

Different EVs and batteries require different charging rates depending on the circumstance, and you might need a faster charging rate than what is generally obtainable. Therefore, different levels of EV charging stations exist to cater to those circumstances where an EV owner requires a faster charging rate. It is also needed to cater to special EVs with specific charging requirements.

What's the difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 EV charger?

Generally, the charging of EVs occurs at different rates depending on the level of power delivery of the power station. Level 1 and 2 charging stations deliver power to Electric Vehicles at different rates, and this is the major difference between the two levels of charging stations. Consequently, the length of time it takes both levels of the charging station to charge the same EV battery will differ significantly. Hence, you need to critically consider the most suitable charging station for effectively charging your EV. Frankly, you may need to consult an expert to help you choose an appropriate charging station that meets your car requirements and home power capacity.

What does the warranty cover on a business charging station?

The warranty for a business charging station often covers repairs of faulty parts occurring during the warranty period. It also covers the replacement of minor parts of the charging station, which is not due to mishandling on the user’s part. However, major damaged components of the business charging station are not covered within the warranty agreement.

How much maintenance do electric vehicle chargers require?

Very minimal maintenance is often required during the working lifespan of a business charging station, provided the user carefully adheres to the rules and guidelines of proper use itemized in the accompanying standard user manual.

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