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How to Choose Your Volkswagen Charging Station?

Find a suitable charging station for your Volkswagen? Do not know which Volkswagen charging station is available for you? This post is right for you to choose your ev charger and know how to choose yours.

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Finding a suitable charging station for your Volkswagen EV can be daunting. 

You worry about the capacity, the connection type, and the cost, but most of all, you worry about getting a reliable EV charger manufacturer that meets all your requirements. Most newbies to EVs have difficulty locating suitable charging station manufacturers as they don’t often know where to begin their search. Luckily, this article aims to point you in the right direction in searching for a suitable charging station for your EV. So, if you are ready, let’s dive in.

I. Volkswagen Charging Station

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II. What Volkswagen Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

As a giant in the modern automotive industry, Volkswagen is known for innovative auto designs that satisfy the need for a blissful driving experience and effectiveness. Their portfolio of EVs also embodies this balance of functionality and comfort-driven designs. Their full EVs, including ID.4, the e-Golf, and other hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, all tie into Volkswagen’s objective of a complete transition to all-electric vehicles by 2050.

III. Volkswagen EV Charging & Range

Volkswagen EV
Volkswagen is a German auto manufacturing giant that has been in the manufacturing business for so many years. Interestingly they have joined the solidarity race to save the planet by reducing their carbon footprint. This they’ve done by entering the EV manufacturing industry with the ambition to turn all their present gasoline models into full-electric brands by 2050. Their current EV portfolio has models like e-Golf and ID.4, which have EPA ranges of 125 and 275 miles, respectively, from their fully charged batteries. 

These EVs pack energies that can adequately take you around town and back. Ultimately, they can be charged with home and public chargers, as the case may be.

IV. Volkswagen Connector Types and Charging Rate

Volkswagen EVs are equipped to receive electric charges from all three charging station types, including level 1, 2, and 3 chargers. However, connecting to these chargers is another ball game. While level 1 and 2 chargers can use the standard charger sold with the EV, level 3 DC fast-charging stations use the CCS (Combined Charging System) connector to connect with the Volkswagen EV.

V. Which Types of Charging Speed is Perfect for you?

The charging speed that best suits your Volkswagen EV will depend greatly on the distance you travel daily with your EV and the capacity of your batteries, among other things. 

While level 1 chargers are generally the slowest, they are still quite effective for most EVs with low battery capacity, as the 120V can significantly boost the battery if left charging overnight. This will be a perfect charging speed for your EV if you don’t travel long-distance and if the capacity of your battery is not so high.

However, with the level 2 chargers, the speed is faster than the level 1 charger with a 240V supply and about a 24-mile range added to the battery per hour. Yet the variety of energy supplied by various types of level 2 might be problematic for EVs without sufficient onboard receivers. This charging speed will be perfect for you if you only travel medium distances and if your onboard charger is powerful enough to receive the high energy released by certain type 2 chargers.

The last is the type 3 or fast DC charger that can fill up your Volkswagen EV battery to 80% in about 30 minutes. This speed is perfect for those EVs built to receive up to 50kW of energy without needing to pass through the onboard charger. It is also suitable for long-distance traveling.

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VI. How to Charge Your Volkswagen?

Depending on the onboard charger installed in your Volkswagen, the rate at which your EV receives electric charge will be immensely influenced by the onboard charger. Also, the charger you employ will determine the power and the speed released to charge your Volkswagen EV. Nonetheless, charging your Volkswagen EV is possible with a level 1 charger often supplied with the EV that can be connected to a home socket of 120V, which supplies about 5 miles per hour of charging. It is also possible to charge with a level 2 charger with a 240V plug supplying 24 miles per hour of charging to your EV. Fortunately, Volkswagen EVs are built to receive electrical charging from a DC fast charging station that can deliver 80% of the battery charge within 30 minutes using a combined charging system (CCs) connector.

VII. How to Choose Your Volkswagen EV Charging Station?

Volkswagen EV Charging
Choosing a Volkswagen EV charging station requires careful consideration of factors that include location, budget, purpose, driving pattern, and battery size. 

Location – Since different EV charging infrastructures exist in different localities, the normal thing to do is consider such differences and identify what charging convention exists in your location before purchasing an EV charger for your Volkswagen. For instance, if a CHAdeMO connector is available in your area, purchasing a charger with a J1772 connector won’t be appropriate. 

Budget – The cost of purchasing an EV charging station varies with their charging speed. It is therefore important to identify your charging needs and the type of charger that will serve them. However, you must ensure that your budget is adequate to purchase it. 

Purpose – Generally, individuals buy EV charging stations for two reasons. They either buy it to charge personally at home or to render charging services to other EV owners. Depending on which class you represent, the charging station you buy will greatly influence this factor. 

Driving pattern – Most people drive their EVs to work, malls, parks, and generally just around town. But others must travel long distances daily to complete important assignments. Whichever of the two divides you find will determine what type of charging station you will purchase. Usually, people who only drive around town find level 1 chargers sufficient, while long-distance drivers often prefer a level 2 Charger at home as their EVs have high-capacity batteries. 

Battery size – Yes, size matters, and we are not just talking about the battery size. Even the size of all electronics installed in the EV also matters. The consumption of energy and how much energy the battery needs to recharge fully is a critical determining factor of the EV charging station you will need.

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VIII. Where to Buy Quality Volkswagen Charging Stations for Home Use?

One of the challenges EV owners often complain about is the inability to locate a supplier of quality charging stations. Interestingly, quality EV charging station manufacturers abound. Here are some places you can check for quality Volkswagen charging stations. 

Online search – One of the easiest but overlooked ways to find quality Volkswagen charging stations, online search using a search engine like Google can help you locate manufacturers of quality EV charging stations. You can use search operators like +, -, AND, NOT, etc., to make your search query more effective and trim down the millions of results to the most relevant ones. 

E-commerce store – This is another channel to locate manufacturers of quality EV chargers for your Volkswagen easily. These manufacturers have been categorized according to their industry, but you can further filter them by product, price, and customer reviews. 

Exhibition and trade fairs – Most manufacturers attend yearly exhibitions and trade fairs to display their EV chargers, and buyers can approach them to learn about the features and price of these EV chargers. This is the best place to get good deals.

IX. EV-Top Advantages for Volkswagen Owners

EV-Top has been around for more than three decades providing top-notch EV charging solutions. Volkswagen owners can expect to enjoy these benefits, which include. 

  • Top Quality – EV-Top is well known for its commitment to the quality manufacturing of EV chargers. They’ve received positive reviews from customers who’ve enjoyed their quality products over the years. Their acquisition of the internationally recognized industry certification of ISO 9001:2015 is also a testament to their commitment to quality production.
  • Affordable Price – As a strategically located manufacturer, EV-Top is well placed to engage experts and experienced professionals from the abundance of talent pool around. These benefits are significantly lower production costs and a competitive selling price for EV owners.
  • Rich Experience – With over three decades in the industry producing some of the most innovative and intuitive EV technologies, EV-Top has given its customers rich experiences over the years.
  • Qualification Certificates – The importance of certification is to guarantee international standards of safety and quality, which EV-Top understands well. Hence, they have all required certifications and qualifications, including CE, IEC, UL, ISO, etc., to give customers rest of mind.
  • Comprehensive Service – EV-Top has some of the finest hands in every department, including research and development, production, customer service, and sales, to give customers a comprehensive service.


In conclusion, while Volkswagen keeps releasing so many EVs every year, the number 1 challenge of locating suitable charging stations for Volkswagen EV owners persists. However, the solution to this challenge requires a critical assessment of your needs as an EV user and the best possible manufacturer that can provide quality charging solutions for your Volkswagen EV. One great example is EV-Top is consistent with quality manufacturing of EV chargers using innovative and cost-effective techniques that meet customers’ needs. Their customer support is top-notch, with prompt responses to customers’ inquiries before, during, and after delivery of orders.