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How to Choose Your Mercedes-Benz EV charging stations

In this article, we'll be considering the essential characteristics associated with selecting a charging station for Mercedes Benz.

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Being a changemaker can sometimes be difficult.

Since the evolution and transition of fossil-fueled cars to electric cars, almost all automobile brands have jumped on the trend as it has become the future of automobiles. Mercedes Benz is no exception to these changemakers who have also launched their version of electric cars as far back as 2016. Therefore, for users of the Mercedes Benz electric vehicle, selecting a EV charger is a very vital part of the satisfaction they derive from the use of their EVs. Hence, in this article, we’ll be considering the essential characteristics associated with selecting a charging station for Mercedes Benz. Let’s begin.

I. Mercedes-Benz EV Charging Stations

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II. What Mercedes-Benz Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

One of the few things Mercedes Benz EV drivers need to know is that charging is dependent on the type of charger being used. And it also influences how long it takes for charging to be completed either at home or using public charging. Furthermore, charging stations with level 2 chargers have several benefits. This also includes High-power charging, the ability to deregulate charging mode when circuit breakers have the less substantial capacity, Mercedes Benz EV drivers can share the same EV chargers, and finally, Mercedes EV drivers can boost charging when renewables are costly and electricity costs are inexpensive.

III. Mercedes-Benz EV Charging & Range

Mercedes-Benz EV
Of all the models of Mercedes’ EV cars, the EQC offers the most efficiency in range and some other awesome technological features that enable fast charging when needed. Although the EQ models offer varying ranges per charge time, the electric range also differs and can be reliant on individual driving habits. But here’s the catch, the EQC model has a high-voltage battery with a deployable capacity of 80kw and up to 361-420 km. if the need to charge arises, it can charge with the 11kw charging conveniently at home or public points. Furthermore, it can charge with the DC fast charging outlets in motorway charging hubs. The EQB and EQE models are exceptional EVs as well, but with maximum efficiency in range, the EQC takes the lead.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

The charging rate is directly linked to the connector types of the Mercedes Benz EVs. However, they have specified industry standard connectors. And similar to the other types of connectors, charging times vary based on the charging station. Except for the Level 3 DC fast charging connectors. Invariably, the EV charging connectors for the Level 1 and Level 2 chargers should be of the industry standard SAE J1772 connectors.

V. Mercedes-Benz EV Charging Times

After considering the types of connectors and charging rate, it’s imperative to now examine the charging times. Now, this is important because there are various models with varying charging times. For instance, the Mercedes B Class which is a battery EV has a battery capacity of 28 Kwh with a level 1 charge rate of 1.4kwh, and a level 2 charge rate of 3.3kwh. with a level 1 (12 Amps), it takes approximately 20hrs charging time. However, with a level 2 charger, charging is completed in 2hrs 45mins.

Interestingly, the Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles charge at fewer charging times. These include the Mercedes C350 Hybrid, GLE 550e, and the S550 Hybrid. This fast charging is due in part to the comparatively small-sized batteries. Its onboard charging rate is 3.3kwh with a level 2 connector. And a battery capacity of 6kwh, 8.8kwh, and 8.7kwh respectively. It equally has a 1.4kWh level 1 onboard charge rate, a 4hrs 15mins, and 6hrs level 1 charge time.

VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

Another noteworthy fact is that the level 3 DC fast charging connectors are capable of charging your Mercedes EV from zero percent to seventy percent in half an hour. This is enabled by their SAE Combined Charging Connector (CCS). The specified standard for fast charging points of a Mercedes Benz’s EV.

VII. Difference in the Power of the Chargers

The type of charger and its capacities accounts for the difference in the power of the chargers. Let’s examine each one at a time.

A level 1 charger only has a power capacity of 120 Volts. This charger power is often used for overnight charging, and its specification is for home use. A level 1 charger is usually rated for just two to five miles per hour after charging.

In contrast a level 2 charger emits power up to 240 volts, and Its charging capacity is higher than level 1. Therefore, faster charging is attained. The power capacity for a level 2 charger gets your EV ready for whatever is planned for all of the day’s runs.

The level 3 charging is typically equipped in all Mercedes EQ EVs with the capacity to charge at 480 volts. These types of chargers are mostly located at public fast charging hubs. This enables drivers of Mercedes EVs to access fast charging EV solutions. And with the increase in public fast charging points, driving on longer journeys is possible completely on clean energy. Many Mercedes EV drivers prefer this type of power for their charging needs

VIII. Mercedes-Benz EV Charging Cost

It is general knowledge that Mercedes consumes more fossil fuel before the emergence of electric vehicles. But since the transition to clean and renewable energy it has had a significant reduction in power cost with charging EV batteries. The cost of charging a Mercedes EV is determined by where the charging is done (home or public). Secondly, battery age and battery capacity can also determine the cost of charging. However, home charging has been found to be the cheapest in terms of charging cost as rapid charging costs twice the price of home charging.

IX. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz EV charging stationsEV chargers are typical of three main types as examined earlier. Although selecting the right EV charger for your Mercedes Benz is crucial based on various reasons. Such reasons can include, saving the cost of charging or keeping the battery lifespan longer.

Charging station preferences are different as determined by each EV driver. But essentially, the level 1 charger charges for longer hours, typically through the night as it is made for home charging. It is cheaper to also charge using the level one charger. However, its range is limited, and the need for frequent charging may arise.

The second type which is the level 2 gets your EV charged and prepared for a longer range compared to the level 1 charger. Fortunately, homes are wired to have appliances with 240 volts, which is the same number of volts required of a level 2 charger to charge your EVs. Therefore, in some cases, a level 2 charger could be installed at home. For instance, a home with appliances such as air conditioners and dryers require a lot more power to function. Furthermore, because of its longer range per charge, there is lesser charging time with a level 2 charger.

The level 3 charger also known as the fast-charging EV solution is compatible with all Mercedes EQ models. It charges at 480 volts which is why it is also referred to as rapid charging. These charging options are typically found in office complexes, public parks, or charging stations along highways. And because of its rapid charging capacity, it makes driving your EVs on electric energy from one location to another smooth. Therefore, with Mercedes EQ drivers, driving for longer is effortless. But it may not be advisable to charge too frequently with a rapid charging device to increase the lifespan of the battery.

X. Where to Buy the Mercedes-Benz Wall Charger?

There are numerous suppliers of EV charging solutions globally. Locating a reliable supplier that can be entirely trusted is a huge task. Suppliers of all kinds offer differing qualities, and this makes searching for a worthy supplier that can be trusted with quality of product, and professionalism in service becomes the most essential factor. However, some suppliers have stood out from the crowd. A noteworthy supplier of such caliber is EV-Top.

A major defining factor that makes EV-Top a trusted supplier is the industry experience they’ve garnered through the years. This has helped them manufacture and design quality products. They invest a huge percentage in research and development and the feedback from customers help manufacturing the best bespoke charging stations. Apart from the quality they offer, their pricing is also a major benefit as it is highly competitive.

They offer unbeatable pricing that makes their products pocket-friendly. Therefore, whenever you are in the market shopping for a Mercedes Benz EV wall charger, EV-Top should be at the top of your list of compiled suppliers. You will experience for yourself the best customer-oriented and budget-friendly product and service.

XI. EV-Top Advantages for Mercedes-Benz Owners

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy choosing EV-Top’s charging stations.

  • Innovative – As briefly highlighted above, innovation is one of EV-Top’s core objectives. With professionally qualified engineers that make up their design and manufacturing team, EV-Top offers a range of technologically sound, and innovative products.
  • Certified – The hallmark of a highly recognized supplier is the production of certified quality products by industry regulatory bodies. And EV-Top offers nothing short of that. All of their Mercedes Benz chargers are industry certified.
  • Affordable – Mercedes EV owners tend to opt for a supplier with the best competitive price and quality. With EV-Top, value for your money is obtainable with affordable quality products.
  • Reliable – When a supplier offers industry-certified products, trust is gained by the respective buyer. Hence, the trust and reliability EV-Top provides.
  • User-Centric – You may never find a more user-friendly product in the market compared to the seamless, user-friendly products manufactured by EV-top


Before we draw the curtain, it is clear that Mercedes Benz gives its EV owners the assurance of an enjoyable and quality driving experience with their range of EVs. However, choosing a suitable charger is a different ball game as highlighted in this post.

Considering essential factors that include driving patterns, battery size, and the price of the charging station is vital. But more importantly selecting a reliable EV charger supplier such as EV-Top is crucial as they have one of the most competitive prices in the industry coupled with other benefits like quick turnaround time and innovative charging solutions.