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Top 8 Charging Pile Manufacturers in Europe

This article discusses the top 10 DC fast charger suppliers, such as Tesla, EV-TOP, Siemens, Shell, ABB, Eaton, Webasto, etc.

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Europe is a leading continent that is fast adopting EVs to replace fossil-fueled cars. Also, multiple energy companies are building EV charging stations around the continent to close the gap created by the rapid adoption of EVs. However, it can be confusing for EV owners, especially the new ones looking to identify top-notch charging pile manufacturers to help them with their charging challenges. That is where we come in. This guide is a comprehensive list of the top players in the EV industry building quality charging stations across the continent. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Top 8 Charging Pile Manufacturers in Europe

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Top 8 Charging Pile Manufacturers in Europe
The list below highlights the top 8 EV charger manufacturers in Europe to help you identify the best suitable for your needs when you are in the market for a charging station for your EV.

I. Siemens

  • Address – Munich, Germany 
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010) 
  • Certificates – EMC, EN, RCD, ISO, CE
  • Company Introduction – It is not unexpected for Siemens to be involved in this industry, considering its extensive years of experience in the manufacturing business. After over 175 years of providing infrastructure and technology that helps humanity be smarter at solving challenges, Siemens eventually entered the EV industry in 2010. While the industry has changed, Siemens’ dedication to high-quality manufacturing with an internationally accepted quality management system. It presented a variety of EV charging solutions in its first year in the EV industry and has since grown its network of charging stations. Their EV charging solution serves both home charging needs and public charging requirements. Siemens plans to spread its net beyond Europe with a plan to install over one million charging piles in the US by 2025. Siemens is dedicated to reducing carbon footprint as an organizational policy, using its expertise in producing sensors to monitor the environmental amount of carbon emission. 
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted chargers, Fast-charging stations, and charging accessories. 


  • Address – Shenzhen, China 
  • Year of Experience – 7 years, (2015) 
  • Certificates – EN, ISO, CE, IEC, SAE GB/T
  • Company Introduction – Though EV-Top has its main manufacturing base in China, a large proportion of its market resides in Europe, making it a key stakeholder in the European EV industry. With over 10,000 square meters of production facility EV-Top provides quality charging piles for both home and public charging. More importantly, the production facility is manned by experienced and highly qualified individuals that drive EV-Top’s innovation through research and development to meet the individual requirements of different clients. Their designs include capacities, including AC and DC chargers ranging from 7kW to 22kW for AC and up to 40kW for DC modules. However, their products are the most affordable in the industry, even with their high-quality standards.
  • Products Offered – AC charging units, Public fast-charging stations, DC charging stations, and charging accessories.

III. Schneider Electric

  • Address – Cedex, France 
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014) 
  • Certificates – IEC/EN, CE, UL, CB, OCPP, OCA. 
  • Company Introduction – With nearly two centuries of existence Schneider Electric has made its mark in the electrical engineering industry. However, in the EV industry, Schneider has only been around for nearly a decade. Notwithstanding, it has been making a substantial impact in the industry. For starters, Schneider Electric partnered with a pioneering Charging Pile manufacturing company to ease its way into the industry, which has worked perfectly. It has increased the network of charging stations across Europe while increasing its revenue, raking in 28 billion Euros at the end of 2021. Its workforce of close to 170,000 has been part of its success strategy seeing its dedication to Schneider’s objectives.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted home chargers, public fast charging stations, fast DC chargers, residential chargers, and charging accessories like charging cables and adapters.

IV. Webasto

  • Address – Stockdorf, Germany 
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014) 
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO, UL. 
  • Company Introduction – After being in the home appliance manufacturing industry for over a century, Webasto crossed over to the EV industry, focusing on charging station manufacturing. Fortunately, it has achieved some successes over the past eight years. Webasto has been very active in the research and development department, helping it to produce innovative charging solutions, including its fast chargers designed to meet the needs of various EV owners. Their target customers include home and public charging EV owners. Yet, they’ve merged with another company, EES, to help increase its efficiency and reach its goal of connecting Europe with EV Charging Piles.
  • Products Offered – AC wall-mounted chargers, DC chargers, and charging accessories.

V. Bosch

  • Address – Gerlingen, Germany 
  • Year of Experience – 9 years (2013)
  • Certificates – FCC, UL, CSA, SAE, NEC, IEC. 
  • Company Introduction – Bosch is known for its cost-effective manufacturing in its many years of existence before entering the EV charging industry. It is this cost-effective mindset Bosch brings into manufacturing EV chargers to ensure more EV owners can access charging stations at very affordable prices. Its 13 years of experience in the EV charging industry is filled with success stories resulting from its ability to meet customers’ demand for quality and affordability and its research and development investment. Bosch also patented over 4,500 designs in its quest to meet its objective while forming partnerships worldwide to ensure its products reach its customers.
  • Products Offered – Rapid charging stations, regular home charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, charging accessories.


  • Address – Vasteras, Sweden/Zurich, Switzerland. 
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010) 
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO. 
  • Company Introduction – With over three decades of quality electrical equipment manufacturing, ABB recently transitioned into EV Charging Pile manufacturing. Its efficiency and penchant for quality EV charging solutions have been evident over these 12 years in the EV industry. Also, its innovative designs have been its selling point over many other companies before it came on board. Notwithstanding, ABB has been able to build a niche for itself within the EV industry as a research-based manufacturer of EV chargers going on to produce some of the industry’s most innovative charging solutions. Furthermore, its production facility sits on a 3,600 square meter area from where it has manufactured many of its over 17,00 charging stations already installed across Europe. It also has another 16,000 square meter production facility in Italy and currently rakes in more than $400 million in yearly revenue.
  • Products Offered – home charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, and charging accessories.


  • Address – Milton Keynes, England. 
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018) 
  • Certificates – CE, UL, EN, ENERGY STAR, ISO. 
  • Company Introduction – With a recent diversification into the green energy sector, the British oil and gas giant, BP, has made known its stance to help reduce the carbon footprint of fossil fuels. In this light, BP has been manufacturing EV charging stations since 2018. This move has seen BP manufacture a very innovative and intuitive EV charging solution. Also, it leverages its experience and vast network of infrastructure to reach its objective of building several charging stations across Europe. Additionally, since joining the league of EV Charging Pile manufacturers, its revenue has soared while increasing its charging stations to over 175,000. They install over 2,000 charging stations monthly using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, processes, and tech to achieve efficient products.
  • Products Offered – Home AC charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, and charging accessories.

VIII. Wallbox

  • Address – Barcelona, Spain 
  • Year of Experience – 7 years (2015) 
  • Certificates –ISO, CE, SAE FCC. 
  • Company Introduction – WallBox is a foremost charging station manufacturer having more than seven years of installing quality charging stations across Europe. Their network of charging stations has crossed the hundred thousand mark. Also, at the speed WallBox is progressing, they are certainly set to achieve their projection of reaching 150,000 charging soon. Their facility in Spain produces level 2 charging piles targeted at both home charging and commercial charging, which helps keep charging time shorter. However, the story is that the two owners of WallBox used to work at Tesla, which has helped them shape WallBox as an efficient charging station manufacturer.
  • Additionally, WallBox was able to raise $330 million as a starting capital, contributing to their rapid progress. But that’s not all. WallBox is constantly growing and spreading to other countries, including the US, with a projection to install over 500,000 charging stations by 2030. 
  • Products Offered – level 2 AC chargers, DC fast chargers, and charging accessories. 


Choosing a reliable EV Charging Pile manufacturer becomes easy once you know the best manufacturers in the industry. This list makes it easy to select an EV Charging Pile manufacturer if you drive your EV in Europe. However, with a supplier like EV-Top, you can be sure your challenges are covered with benefits that include innovative design with features that make your charger easy to operate. They also have charging solutions for both home and public charging use cases. Most importantly, they deliver quality chargers at very competitive prices. If you call on EV-Top for your order, you don’t have to break the bank to afford a suitable charger for your EV.