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Help build the largest fast-charging station in Shenzhen

Date: Oct, 2020

Location: Shenzhen Pingshan

Powering growth with technical training and support

EV-Top backed the construction of a comprehensive charging station in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, which has now entered the trial operation stage. The station covers more than 10,000 square meters, with an installed capacity of up to 15,000kVA.

DC charging stations

What we Offer

To meet the needs of fast charging dump trucks and electric cars, the station employs a 120kW and 240kW dual-gun integrated DC pile combination scheme.

The DC piles of the station are outfitted with constant power charging modules, which can significantly improve the charging capacity of the charging piles under different voltages. This output significantly shortens the vehicle charging time and optimizes the charging user experience. At the same time, it is compatible with models of varying voltage levels and can support the simultaneous charging of electric buses and electric cars.

DC charging stations1
DC charging stations2

Features of our EV Charging Stations

To create a safe charging environment of the highest level, the EV-Top charging pile has nine protection design functions and pays attention to the charging pile’s heat dissipation and is waterproof and dustproof problems. To adapt to the mainstream models on the market, EV-Top has passed the testing of charging piles by many OEMs such as BYD, Great Wall, BAIC, Nanjing Jinlong, etc., which can perfectly meet the charging needs of various vehicles in the market.

DC charging stations3

Why EV-Top: 

The reason all our customers choose us over other EV charging solutions suppliers is simple.

Our EV charging solutions provide them with numerous benefits not so common in the EV charging industry. Our EV solutions have some of the most comprehensive safety and security features that ensure that you are not in danger while using our EV charging stations.

Our innovative solutions are yet another reason our customers will never leave for another EV charging solutions supplier. We are a massive investor in researching and developing very creative designs that ensure our customers can charge their EVs without any stress or challenges.

Think about it, will you prefer a supplier that leaves your messages unanswered or a responsive one with timely replies? Our customers have never had to wait 24 hours before their inquiries receive helpful and insightful responses. Even then, we give our customers various options from which they can choose a suitable EV charging solution that meets their budget requirements and quality needs.

Additionally, we always aspire to make things easy for our customers, including connecting, authenticating, and charging their EVs with networked connections and plug-and-play connectors and accessories that can be adapted to several types of electric vehicles.

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