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Bringing EV Charging to Australia

Date: June, 2020

Location: Australia

Why is Australia going electric

Australia is located between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean and is the only country covering an entire continent. Due to the abundance of renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy, the Australian government has tremendously promoted the development of the renewable energy industry. Data reports released by FCAI in recent years also show that the sales of electric vehicles in Australia are increasing year by year.

At the same time, Australian operators are also actively deploying urban public charging networks and building ultra-high-speed charging stations. This eases the mileage anxiety of car owners, which has further promoted the development of electric vehicles in Australia to some extent.

The Australian electric vehicle charging network company Chargefox has announced that it will spend 15 million Australian dollars on building a fast-charging network for electric vehicles consisting of 21 charging stations on Australian roads.


How we Support: 

EV-Top has communicated and cooperated with a local operator in Australia since last year and recently officially launched in-depth cooperation to provide it with 22kW AC piles and a full range of charging solutions.

Due to the high labor cost in Australia and the high demand for automation of charging station operations, EV-Top developed a charging operation management system and an on-board user APP to achieve one-stop charging network operation services. In the same vein, in response to the power adaptation requirements proposed by customers, EV-Top provides a power balance solution for its design to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid system of the charging station.

EV-TOP EV Charging Solutions

Why EV-Top: 

Our customers are spread across different locations and time zones, and they all say the same thing about our charging solutions and offerings.

Our timely and quality delivery has been top-notch ever since our inception. We not only satisfy your EV charging requirements but give you quality, top-of-the-range service with professional advice laced with extensive years of experience in the EV charging industry. With our numerous research and innovative designs, we have provided bespoke EV solutions that stand the test of time. What’s more, we have a very responsive approach to our customers’ inquiries, giving them the answers, they require to make a knowledgeable choice about their EV charging needs. This eliminates the frustrations and dissatisfaction that most customers often face with unresponsive EV charging solutions providers that are common in the market today.

Our variety of options is also another benefit that our customers enjoy. There is always something for you, no matter your budget or charging requirements. We have been able to take advantage of the abundance of expertise available in the Chinese market, giving us the advantage of a significantly reduced production cost that has consistently allowed us to remain very competitive with our EV charging solutions prices. It has also given us an edge over other foreign counterparts as we sometimes surpass their quality with very affordable prices.

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