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How to Choose Your Porsche EV charging stations

How to choose your Honda EV charging station shouldn’t be a problem. It only requires an understanding of your charging requirements which will inform the desired requirements you need to consider in choosing a suitable charging station for your Honda EV.

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Are you looking for a suitable charging station for your Porsche electric vehicle? 

Choosing the right EV charger that ticks all the right boxes can sometimes be a daunting task especially if you fail to find a reliable supplier. Porsche as an automobile brand delivers sleek and high-performance vehicles. These characteristics have been replicated in the design and manufacture of their EVs. 

But then if you’re unable to get a proper EV charger for your Porsche EV will defeat the purpose of a high-performing vehicle like this. However, this article is here to help you solve this challenge and inform you of the critical consideration you need when buying an EV charger. Without further ado, let’s begin.


I. Porsche EV Charging Stations

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II. What Porsche Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

Porsche EVs like the Taycan have been known to embody the vibrant and innovative designs that Porsche has represented over the years. Nonetheless, Porsche drivers should also be aware of its high functionality which includes its onboard fast charging capabilities and a 225kW battery that guarantees excellent range. Also, the 4 seconds 0 to 60km acceleration is very impressive considering that it is 4.9m long and 2m wide with a gross weight of 2.9 tons. But there is more. The cargo space of this EV can be as much as 446 liters giving enough room for both passenger comfort and load carriage. 

III. Porsche EV Charging & Range

Porsche EVTo start with, the Porsche Taycan EV is the first in the line of EVs to be made by Porsche.  And the distance it covers after every complete charge or top-up charge is quite remarkable for a first EV. For a typical charge time of 9 hours using the 11kw charging option, the Porsche Taycan EV can travel as long as 458km; this can be dependent on the driving pattern of its user. The Porsche Taycan EV series surpasses expected goals, and that is the main reason why EV experts have high praise for its performance. However, charging can be done in-between commutes. Topping up the battery level can sometimes be necessary during a usual daily drive.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

The connector types for a Porsche EV are typically the type 2 connector, which is used both for home charging and outdoor charging. And the type 3 fast DC charging connector. This is a useful connector for top-up charging. The type 2 AC connector charges at a 22kw charging power. While the type 3 fast DC connector charges as high as 225kw.

V. Porsche EV Charging Times

In this context, since we have examined the types and charging rates of the connectors, the next point of discussion will be the charging times of these connectors. This should help Porsche EV drivers understand their charging times better. The battery capacity of your Porsche EV is a crucial part of charging it. Varying charging times apply to the different battery capacities. The 71kw battery size is the standard battery size for the Porsche Taycan EV. Its charging time using the 22kw charging power is approximately 4 hours. While charging with a rapid DC connector it will charge in less than half an hour. On the contrary, there’s a performance battery size of 83.7kw. This completes charging in approximately 4 hours 30 minutes using the 22kw type 2 connector. Additionally, Porsche EV drivers that use the performance batteries can charge their EVs in less than 20 minutes if they use the rapid DC charging connector.

VI. Porsche EV Charging Cost 

The cost of charging your Porsche EV will depend on some critical factors chief among which are the type of battery, the type of charger, and the location where you choose to charge your Porsche EV. For a standard battery with a capacity of 71kW, charging using a home AC charger costs around $9.23 for a full battery charge at $0.13 per kWh. A public charging will cost you $22.30 while a DC fast charging station will set you back by $26.85 for a full battery charge. Likewise, the performance battery with its 83.7kW capacity often cost $10.88 for a home AC charging station, $26.11 for a public charger, and $31.30 for a DC fast charging station. 

VII. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Porsche?

The main reason for this discourse is to point Porsche EV users in the right direction to select the best EV chargers for their charging satisfaction. Sourcing for this important EV accessory can be daunting, but attainable. To achieve this, all Porsche EV owners must find a charger that aligns with the features of the vehicle. For Porsche EVs, your battery capacity is essential to the type of EV charger to be deployed. Similarly, whether it’s a type 2 AC 22kw charging power or the type 3 rapid DC CCS connector, it is crucial to note its compatibility with your EV. This will automatically ensure your EV runs smoothly, and charging poses no danger to the Porsche EV driver. Furthermore, your EV chargers must be industry licensed after meeting all regulatory standards. There are differing standards that must be attained by producers of EV chargers. As this certifies quality and safety to its users. 

Consequently, with compatibility considered, and quality factored in, the next challenge is locating a trusted and reliable supplier. Numerous suppliers offer EV products and accessories, but not all offer quality EV products. And even when quality suppliers have been pinpointed, do they offer budget-friendly prices? These are the conditions every EV customer should look out for before choosing their EV accessories for their EV needs. The global EV market is in quite a rush to make charging stations and accessories available and accessible to its EV owners. Hence, the reason why EV users should also be wary of these factors before delving into selecting their EV chargers. It is paramount to select the best EV charger because it enables an EV driver to enjoy transitioning to EV. And it also enables the EV to perform its functions adequately and accurately.

VIII. Where to Buy the Porsche Wall Charger?

The other critical matter once you know what to consider when choosing your EV charger is where to locate a reliable supplier of quality EV charger for your Porsche EV. Here are some of the best places highlighted below.

Online Search Engine – Google search being the most popular online search can significantly reduce your stress in locating a reliable supplier of quality EV wall charger for your Porsche. Doing a quick search by typing “Porsche EV wall charger supplier” will reveal millions of results from which you can filter to choose an appropriate supplier based on your requirements. Furthermore, the ability to use search operators like “+” and “-” will be critical in helping you quickly sort out the irrelevant results leaving you with the best one. 

Trade Fairs and Exhibition – There are periodic exhibitions by Chinese manufacturers to showcase their products and equipment including wall chargers for EV. Attending such exhibitions gives you access to a variety of manufacturers with different options of wall EV chargers. You also get to ask questions and receive answers on the spot with an opportunity to see how it works. What’s more, you can bargain for a cheaper price especially if you are purchasing more than one wall charger. 

E-commerce site – There are e-commerce sites that categorize products according to their industries where you can locate a suitable wall charger for your Porsche. You can also filter these products according to certain criteria including price, power input (AC or DC), as well as charging capacity.

IX. EV-Top Advantages for Porsche Owners

Porsche chargingHere are some advantages that give EV-Top an edge over other charging station manufacturers and suppliers. 

  • Innovative – EV-Top offers the best innovative EV products. The reason why so many customers testify to its quality in reviews. Therefore, you might want to consider EV-Top on your next shopping trip.
  • Certified – In line with its customer-satisfying products and services, EV-Top’s quality products have never been questioned. Quality assessment bodies such as ISO9001 and other regulatory institutions have certified them as trusted brands.
  • Affordable – Quality should not be given without affordability. EV-Top offers one of the most competitive prices available in the industry. 
  • Reliable – For a brand like EV-Top that offers quality products at pocket-friendly prices yet consistent with its commitment to satisfy customer requirements, then it is safe to say that EV-Top is a reliable EV product manufacturer.
  • User-Centric Products that are too technical to understand their usage cannot guarantee satisfaction for a customer. But all EV-Top’s products are easy to understand and use.


In a nutshell, Porsche combines beauty and performance to spice up the range of EVs available in the market. With one of the fastest EV charging connectors with up to 225kw charging power by its DC fast charging connectors, and 22kw AC connector. Porsche is determined to keep you on the road for as long as possible before your next recharge. Additionally, its charging costs are minimal. Conclusively, only one supplier of the Porsche EV charging solutions stands out from the pack. And that supplier is EV-Top.