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Making Life Easier for EV-driving Citizens in Norway

Date: July, 2019

Location: Norway

The need for EV charging in Norway

After a long period of gaining momentum since the early 1990s, Norway’s new energy vehicles have been developing since the previous year, and their high-speed global development has continued to this day. Taking Tesla as an example, its daily deliveries in Norway have recently exceeded 100 vehicles.


Provide Reliable Public Charging across Norway

EV-Top has long been established in Norway and actively participates in the competition. Many old Nordic rivals such as ABB, Schneider, Siemens, etc., and many local ambitious new energy technology companies. The ongoing and steady promotion strategy is a little slow in time, reflecting a continuous self-development orientation.

According to the evaluation of the Norwegian local electrical standard NEK400, there are very few charging pile products in the Norwegian market. Still, EV-Top is on the list, exceeding the performance of most competitors and standing out!

EV Chargers
EV Charger for Norway
EV chargers for Norway

As of July 2019, EV-Top has nearly 1,000 charging piles in regular operation in Norway. The charging piles have been operating steadily for two years, mainly in Oslo and Bergen, the two largest cities. The charging piles have withstood the local area’s long-term low temperature and high humidity test. About half of the year is rainy and snowy. EV-Top still provides charging services for local customers with highly stable quality.

EV charging solutions for Norway Project

Why EV-Top: 

One of our mantras is high-performance and efficient products that stand the test of time. We have upheld this promise for our customers over the years, which in turn has kept them coming back. Excellent product quality is a non-negotiable factor for us, and we pride ourselves at EV-Top for giving you a top-of-the-range quality EV charging solution. But that’s not all. Our prices are very competitive as we exclude all the unnecessary production costs often added by other EV charging manufacturers, which leads to a high purchase cost.

Additionally, we are based in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, where there is no want for expertise. Leveraging on this abundance of expertise significantly reduces production and purchase costs, all without compromising quality. What’s more, our customer-centric services ensure that all your inquiries are answered with expert advice while providing several options to meet your requirements and for you to make an informed decision. Furthermore, you get a detailed breakdown of the process involved in producing your EV charging station. Ultimately, our products give you peace of mind and an assurance of quality backed by internationally acceptable quality standards like ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

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